Management Advisory Services

One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is that they struggle with understanding and juggling all the aspects of business ownership.  Contractors know how to build a house, hammer nails and change the blueprints.  But how do they manage the money?  How do they get a bank loan?  What about handling their employees? And, there are so many more questions that cause business owners to lose sleep.

I could not build a house and my little projects around the house are just little projects.
However, I have extensive experience in business management.  I came up through industry, not checking off numbers in some accounting firm.  I have supervised inventory, production, marketing, data processing, accounting and all the other areas a business needs managed.

Whether you need an acting CEO, CFO or General Manager, I can assist, bring a team together or lead you in the right direction.

QuickBooks Services

Some people and small businesses have the knack for managing their own books. And, others, even with training, just can’t do bookkeeping on QuickBooks or any other accounting software.  QuickBooks is as easy as it gets, but it still needs to be set up correctly, and then used correctly.  I have been a QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 1995, and in the past, have produced QuickBooks Training Seminars with up to ten participants in a small class environment.  The concept of these classes is good, but typically, like many classes, the students cannot retain enough information to be proficient. There are many reasons for this: some students simply cannot grasp accounting, most find their retention fades as the “day of learning” wears on, and the information can be somewhat overwhelming.

One-on-one training sessions cost about the same and information is delivered on an as needed basis. The students learn best when they can apply the information immediately to an existing problem. The training is done at the students pace.  You learn what applies to you, not what applies to 9 other people. This learning method has been extremely well received by my clients and students and they actually retain more of what they learn. The cost is about the same for individualized training and the classes.  

When your books are set up right and used correctly, the information available at the touch of a button is powerful for keeping your business on the track to success. We can make job costing, tracking orders and invoices, accounts receivable and payable, forecasting, inventory management, budgeting, and so much more, very easy for you.

Payroll Processing

Not understanding payroll can cost you big money. By simply missing a deadline, or not understanding the process, you will incur a 15% penalty before you know it.  IRS is not forgiving on payroll mistakes.  Add to that all the other agencies as well: State withholding and unemployment, City withholding and Occupational Tax, Federal Unemployment, and don’t forget garnishments.  All have a schedule to follow.  Some require filing on line, quarterly, annually and on and on.

We don’t recommend that you even attempt to do your own payroll unless you are really motivated and willing to learn the rules. Of course, you then need to apply the rules and regulations with skill, accuracy and consistency.

A recent business owner who became a client, received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service saying the company never sent W-2’s to the Social Security Administration, and now IRS is imposing a $4,000 penalty for not having done this.  NOW WHAT?!…CALL PRO-Tax. We are Enrolled Agents with the IRS. This means that we can negotiate on your behalf and represent you in dealing with IRS issues. We often reduce or eliminate our clients’ liabilities.

Sales Tax Reporting

Sales tax reporting comes quickly and frequently.  It does not matter if you are required to file monthly, quarterly or annually, it is always due on the 20th following the period close.  As if that wasn’t enough to track, many are confused about other issues…What is supposed to be subject to sales tax?  What is Use Tax?  Does my city have a separate report, or do I file it with my state return?

These issues can quickly become overwhelming if you do business in more than one district.  See all those trucks running around town?  Fixing Garage Doors?  Furnaces?  Computer repairs in your house?  You likely need to file for every one of these districts!

Tax Organizers

Contact us to secure a private login ID for a tax organizer that fits your specific situation. Then, when we meet, we can be most efficient and cost effective in addressing your accounting, bookkeeping, financial management, and tax needs. 

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